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CASI In-person Capacity-building Event
CASI In-person Capacity-building Event
3rd Malaysian Banking Conference 2024
3rd Malaysian Banking Conference 2024
AICB’s Empowering Bankers CPD Programme — Tech Edge Series
AICB’s Empowering Bankers CPD Programme — Tech Edge Series
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A. Certified Credit Executive (CCE)

CCE equips you with the right skill sets to undertake credit roles and responsibilities within a guided environment or policy framework. This programme covers the following topics:

The Malaysian Financial System, Regulations and Ethics

  1. The Malaysian Financial System
  2. Laws and Regulations in Malaysian Banking
  3. Ethics and Corporate Governance

Principles of Lending

  1. Principles of Lending
  2. The Credit Risk Assessment Framework
  3. The CAMPARI Framework
  4. Borrowers and their Legal Status
  5. Credit Information and Its Verification
  6. Loan and Securities Documentation
  7. Landed Securities and Credit Support
  8. Guarantees and Indemnities

Basic Financial Analysis

  1. General Accounting Principles and Policies
  2. Understanding Financial Statements
  3. Quantitative Analysis of Financial Statements
  4. Qualitative Aspects of Financial Statement Analysis

Credit Report Writing

  1. Overview of Report Writing
  2. Language and Writing Styles
  3. Introducing Credit Report Writing
  4. Context of Credit Report Writing
  5. Preliminary Sections and Introduction
  6. Main Body of Discussion for a New Lending Proposal
  7. Main Body of Discussion for Annual Review and Special Cases
  8. Summarisation
  9. Conclusions and Recommendations

B. Retail Credit Professional (RCP)

RCP expands your competence in credit skills and judgement. It covers the following topics:

Retail Lending Environment, Process and Analysis

  1. Retail Lending Environment
  2. Marketing and Business Development
  3. Credit Information and Verification
  4. Credit Evaluation and Structuring
  5. Security Documentation and Support
  6. Loan Disbursement

Consumer Lending Products and Services

  1. Consumer Credit
  2. Property Financing
  3. Investment Financing
  4. Hire-Purchase and Leasing

SME Lending

  1. Small and Medium Enterprise Lending
  2. Evaluation of SME Applications
  3. Financial Assessment
  4. Lending Products for SMEs

Loan Portfolio Management and Recovery

  1. Loan Monitoring
  2. Loan Collection and Recovery
  3. Account Management

C. Business Credit Professional (BCP)

BCP expands your competence in credit skills and judgement. It covers the following topics

Business Credit Analysis

  1. Business Credit Analysis
  2. Structure of Business Financing
  3. Qualitative Risk Analysis
  4. Components of Credit Risk
  5. Competitive Strategies of Borrowers
  6. Risk Identification Using SWOT Analysis
  7. Risk Identification Using PEST Analysis
  8. Risk Identification Using Asset Conversion Cycle

Advanced Financial Analysis

  1. Advanced Financial Statement Analysis
  2. Consolidated and Group Financial Statements
  3. Financial Reporting and Accounting Standards
  4. Financial Forecasting and Modelling

Loan Structuring and Legal Documentation

  1. Loan Structuring
  2. The Loan Agreement
  3. Covenants in Loan Documentation
  4. Property Security and Its Documentation
  5. Debentures
  6. Fixed Deposits
  7. Shares and Unit Trusts
  8. Standby Letters of Credit
  9. Other Forms of Security
  10. Other Credit Support and Documentation

Loan Monitoring, Rehabilitation and Recovery

  1. Managing the Loan Portfolio
  2. Identification of Warning Signs
  3. Causes of Business and Credit Failure
  4. Loan Rehabilitation and Business Recovery
  5. Loan Recovery and Workouts
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