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We are looking for individuals who are passionate about helping us make a difference in building the professional talent workforce of the banking industry. If you share our vision email us at [email protected].

  • Senior Manager (Events) – Marketing and Communications
    Job Purpose

    Responsible for overall project management including planning, management and executing of events including small to large workshops, conferences, webinars and other company related events to ensure successful organisation and production of events. Ensuring deadlines and budgets are adhered to. Directs coordination of activities to prepare for the day of the event.

    Reporting Line

    This position has a reporting line to the Director, Marketing and Communications.

    Job Accountabilities
    • Responsible for event development and planning, production and management of events and working with stakeholders to achieve the objectives defined.
    • Acts as the key liaison between all parties including internal and external stakeholders in the production and management of events.
    • Responsible for event logistics including working with event management companies and other applicable vendors. Constantly monitor and update the progress of the event production to internal stakeholders to ensure the events are carried out as planned and met the target determined for the take up.
    • Preparation of income and expenditure report and other applicable reports relating to each event and constantly monitor and report the status to the management team.
    • Propose ideas to improve services and event quality.
    • Ensure adherence to licensing or any regulatory requirement in handling the event.
    • Assist with the preparation of event proceedings, event collaterals, briefing notes, duty list, presentation slides and related documents with regards to event production.
    • Onsite event management on rehearsal and event day and ensure smooth administration of events.
    • Follow-through and prepare pre-and post-event evaluations, reporting on the outcomes.
    • Post follow up of event with all parties.

    Requirements and Qualifications
    • Significant work experience as an events planner or organiser.
    • Impressive references and portfolio of previously managed events.
    • Excellent time management and communication skills, both verbal and written.
    • People management skills with regards to event production and management.
    • Ability to manage multiple tasks and work independently.
    • Proficient in MS Office.

  • Manager – Business Operations
    Job Purpose

    To support the increasing needs of the business as the organisation expands and grows more complex. The role supports the Senior Manager – Business Operations to fill in the gaps to allow the organisation run smoothly with minimal disruptions where all functions could perform their responsibilities without being impeded due to operational insufficiencies The incumbent supports day-to-day business processes and infrastructure, as well as execute future plans in operational improvements. This new functional division is important to unleash full potential of the organisation to achieve its strategic goals.

    Reporting Line

    This position has a reporting line to the Senior Manager, Business Operations.

    Job Accountabilities
    • Business planning and metrics. The incumbent supports the Senior Manager – Business Operations to manage the progress of business plans and their metrics, coordinates with the Senior Management team for strategic meetings and workshops, prepares metrics report to the Council of AICB, and facilitates other strategic discussions.
    • Infrastructure and systems. Monitor infrastructure needs of AICB and these include IT, database and systems, office premises, office furniture/equipment and supplies, and other items that allow an operational physical environment in which all employees work in, work closely with respective colleagues at STFR. The incumbent grant access to authorised staff members to systems and database for work purposes. S/he also supports the Senior Manager in regard to the enhancement of the systems to meet rapidly-changing business needs, ensuring good integration across all functions to avoid duplications and wastage.
    • Change management. Supports the Senior Manager to launch and implement any change agenda in the workplace. Ensure good planning is in place so that there is buy-in from the employees for effective implementation.
    • Compliance adherence. Be an active promoter of good governance and ethics in the workplace. Regular review are necessary to ensure effective processes are in place and promote good compliance with established processes among employees, working closely with Finance, Procurement, HR and IT.
    • Occupational safety and health. Support the Senior Manager to implement the OSHA agenda in AICB. Ensure safety in the office premises and report any potential risk to the Senior Manager. AICB is an advocate for ESG (environment, social and governance) agenda. We want to walk the talk by practising these values within the workplace and promote advocacy among the employees. We place a significant emphasis on employee’s physical and mental health – we believe this will lead to optimal productivity and efficiency.
    • Staff engagement and development. Working with HR and AICB Staff Engagement Team, the incumbent will coordinate staff engagement activities in the office.
    • Hospitality coordination. Support the Senior Management in receiving key official visits from business partners – facilitating itineraries and agenda, logistics, etc.
    • Manage the currency of information on AICB Staff Portal. Ensure critical information is available for reference and staff’s knowledge.
    • AICB events support. Providing valuable support in registering participants for AICB events and conferences. Collaborate closely with the events team to coordinate all the necessary event details, while also working with the finance department to ensure seamless payment processing for participants. Active participation in AICB hosted events and conferences is expected.

    Competencies / Skills
    • Possess good interpersonal skills with the ability to build strong relationship with internal/external stakeholders and partners.
    • Excellent skills in business writing and verbal communication in English language.
    • Able to demonstrate strong project management, organisational, negotiation and analytical skills.
    • Able to demonstrate effective presentation and reporting skills.
    • A highly-motivated, proactive and enthusiastic individual who is able to work with minimum supervision, and with the ability to meet tight deadlines.
    • Able to demonstrate integrity, ethics and professionalism at all times.

    • A minimum of 6 years of work experience in a supporting role.
    • Business support or shared services experience with a multinational organisation will be an added advantage.
    • Strong understanding of compliance requirements and experience in promoting good governance and ethical practices in the workplace.
    • Proficiency in overseeing and managing various operational systems, including IT, databases, office premises, and equipment. Experience in enhancing systems to meet changing business needs, ensuring integration across functions, and optimizing operational efficiency is desirable.

    • Possess at least a recognised bachelor’s degree in, preferably but not limited to, business management, operations management or project management.

    Additional Information
    • The incumbent will report to Senior Manager, Business Operations.

    • This role will be based in the AICB office in Jalan Dato’ Onn, Kuala Lumpur.

    • This is a permanent position.

  • Manager – Membership and Services
    Job Purpose

    This job holder is responsible for development and implementation of membership value proposition programmes and to encourage retention in line with the Institute’s goal.

    Reporting Line

    This position has a reporting line to the Senior Manager / Director, Membership and Services.

    Job Accountabilities
    • Responsible for planning and execution of, membership value proposition programmes and other membership campaigns and events to encourage membership retention.
    • Drive and implement member retention strategies and activities for the Institute.
    • Responsible to build, manage and strengthen the relationship between AICB and membership stakeholders to encourage membership retention.
    • Responsible to lead and manage various industry forums including planning and execution of initiatives driven by the respective forums.
    • Support with the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) programmes.
    • Responsible towards corporate membership retention.
    • Responsible towards generation of membership data and reports for effective monitoring and to facilitate planning of membership activities.
    • Assist the Director of Membership and Services or any other person as advised in the membership or any other matter as requested.

    Candidates Personality Profile
    • Mature and pleasant personality.
    • Ability to engage and manage key stakeholders (c-suites of the banking industry).
    • Meticulous and pays attention to details.
    • Ability to make responsible and quick decisions.
    • Capable to multi task and prioritises workload to meet deadlines.
    • Must be proactive and possess high confidentiality level.
    • Good interpersonal, writing and verbal communication skills.
    • Works well in a team.

    Competency and Academic Requirements
    • Degree in business / marketing / finance or related discipline.
    • A minimum of 3 years experience in handling membership or customer relationship function.
    • Proficient in Microsoft Office and have had exposure in customer data management system.

  • Executive – Business Operations
    Reporting Line

    This position has a reporting line to the Senior Manager, Business Operations.

    Primary Responsibilities
    • IT Operations Support
      IT System Setups and Access Management: Facilitating IT system setups and ensuring smooth access provision to authorized staff members for their work requirements.

      Attendance at IT Meetings: Participating in weekly IT meetings to monitor and follow up on tickets, ensuring timely closure and resolution of IT-related issues.
    • Event Registration Coordination
      Collaboration with Divisions: Working in collaboration with various divisions to ensure accurate participant registrations for events. Verifying participant details and ensuring the correct information is provided to the 3rd party agency managing registration counters.

      Support for Business Operations at Events: Providing necessary support for all events requiring Business Operations involvement, ensuring seamless coordination and execution.

    Key Responsibilities
    • Change Management Advocacy. Actively advocating and supporting any new changes within AICB to facilitate smoother implementation across various departments.
    • Staff Development and Engagement Coordination. Supporting and coordinating staff development activities as needed, assisting the Senior Manager in fostering employee engagement.
    • Business Planning and Metrics. Compiling and sharing a weekly dashboard report to track key metrics under the guidance of the Senior Manager.
    • Advocacy of Good Governance. Actively promoting and encouraging good governance practices within the organization, with less emphasis on policy changes.
    • Occupational Health and Safety Support. Maintaining records related to health and safety reports, reporting to the Senior Manager when action is needed, without directly performing ground-level OSHA tasks.
    • Manage the currency of information on AICB Staff Portal. Ensure critical information is available for reference and staff’s knowledge.

    Competencies / Skills
    • Strong interpersonal skills to build relationships with stakeholders.
    • Proficiency in English for effective communication.
    • Willingness to learn, adapt, and work proactively with guidance.
    • Demonstrated integrity, ethics, and professionalism

    • A bachelor's degree in business management, operations, or a related field.

    Additional Information
    • The incumbent will report to Senior Manager, Business Operations.

    • This role will be based in the AICB office in Jalan Dato’ Onn, Kuala Lumpur.

    • This is a permanent position.