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Occupational Safety, Health and Environmental (OSHE) Policy Statement

We, at the Asian Institute of Chartered Bankers (AICB), acknowledge the importance of a safe and healthy workplace as well as compliance with the requirements of the Occupational Safety and Health Act 1994, its related regulations, and other applicable statutory requirements. The safety, health and well-being of all employees, visitors, and other persons are the principal considerations in the planning and management of our business operations and activities.

We are committed to preventing and protecting all individuals against injuries, illness, and hazards, and preserving the environment in connection with the activities at work by undertaking the following measures:

  1. Ensure resources are sufficient and available to achieve desired Occupational Safety, Health and Environmental (OSHE) objectives.
  2. Provide relevant information, appropriate education, and training to employees to enhance their OSHE consciousness and develop their concern for health and safety in the workplace.
  3. Assess and mitigate the risks associated with the business operations, office premises, working environment, and use of office machinery.
  4. Provide a platform for consultation and participation of employees and others.
  5. Protect the environment, reduce waste, prevent pollution in our activities and adhere to environmentally sound management of waste and recycling.

Safety and health are everyone’s responsibility, and all employees are expected to be aware of and comply with the requirements of the OSHE Policy by practicing the following:

  1. Plan and carry out work in a mindful manner so as not to create a health and safety hazard to oneself or others.
  2. Escalate and report hazardous conditions, dangerous occurrences, near misses, accidents, occupational poisoning, or illness promptly.
  3. Participate in all safety and health education and training programmes.
  4. Seek to understand and comply with workplace health and safety policies and procedures.
  5. Cooperate and support the OSH Coordinator in ensuring a safe and healthy working environment for all.

Visitors and other persons in our workplace are responsible for:

  1. Taking reasonable care of their health and safety by ensuring that their actions do not adversely affect the health and safety of themselves and others.
  2. Seeking to know and comply with specific instructions and applicable safety and health policies and procedures shared by the organisation.

The Management shall continually review and improve its OSHE Policy and Occupational Safety and Health Management System to promote a positive OSH mindset as part of the working culture of the organisation.

Chief Executive

3 January 2023

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