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CASI In-person Capacity-building Event
CASI In-person Capacity-building Event
3rd Malaysian Banking Conference 2024
3rd Malaysian Banking Conference 2024
AICB’s Empowering Bankers CPD Programme — Tech Edge Series
AICB’s Empowering Bankers CPD Programme — Tech Edge Series
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CAMCO is a four-month part-time qualification (2 days of face-to-face or virtual workshop sessions). Students will be provided with a comprehensive course manual for self-study, and receive a professional certification upon successful completion. The CAMCO programme outline is as follows. For more information, please visit

Chapter 1: Money Laundering & Terrorism Financing: Methods and Practices

  • Addition of Proliferation Financing (PF)
  • Understanding the Differences of Money Laundering (ML)/Terrorism Financing (TF)/Proliferation Financing (PF)
  • Roles of FI to Combat Proliferation Financing (PF)
  • Impact of Money Laundering (ML)/Terrorism Financing (TF)/Proliferation Financing (PF)
  • Addition of Mutual Evaluation
  • Addition of Regional Bodies and its Role

Chapter 3: Anti-Money Laundering, Anti-Terrorism Financing And Proceeds of Unlawful Activities Act 2001: A Practical Approach

  • Analysing the Far-Reaching Impact of the Law and Enforcement
  • The New Trend in Enforcing the Law
  • Investigations
  • Dealing with Terrorists’ Properties

Chapter 4: AML/CFT Governance

  • Incorporating New BNM’s Policy Documents
  • Updating new standard and regulations
  • AMLA Orders Significant to FIs

Chapter 5: KYC Policy – Importance and Implementation

  • Customer Due Diligence (CDD) during On-Boarding
  • Types of Customer and Documentation Verification
  • Importance of CDD
  • Risk Associated with Failure to Conduct Effective CDD
  • CDD vs Simplified DD vs Enhanced DD
  • Source of Funds and Source of Wealth

Chapter 6: Risk Based Approach (RBA)

  • Analysing the RBA Methodology
  • RBA Factors
  • RBA Guidance by FATF
  • Rationale for RBA
  • Documentation of the RBA process

Chapter 7: Suspicious Transaction Report (STR): Identifying, Investigating and Reporting Obligations

  • Reporting Obligations under Section 14 of AMLA
  • Automated AML/CFT Transaction Monitoring System
  • Expectations of FIED
  • On-going Monitoring

Chapter 8: Sanctions Overview (New Topic)

  • What are Sanctions, its Importance and Purpose
  • Far-Reaching Effect of Sanctions

Chapter 9: AML/CFT Compliance Programme (New Topic)

  • What are the Components of Compliance Programme
  • Regulations on Compliance Programme
  • How to Implement Compliance Programme to Mitigate ML/TF risks

Chapter 10: ML/TF Typologies

  • ML Typologies in various sectors/industries
  • Emerging ML/TF Typologies
  • Strengthening Risk Assessment in Combating ML/TF
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