Extension of Application Submission Dates

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Extension of Application Submission Dates

19 Mar 2020

Kindly note that the application submission dates for the following qualifications have been extended.


Exam Sitting/Intake (2020)

Application Submission Dates (2020)
EBJuly30 March (Monday)13 April (Monday)
PBJuly30 March (Monday)13 April (Monday)
BRMJuly30 March (Monday)13 April (Monday)
CBAJuly30 March (Monday)13 April (Monday)
Updated CCEJuly30 March (Monday)13 April (Monday)
Updated BCPJuly30 March (Monday)13 April (Monday)
Updated RCPJuly30 March (Monday)13 April (Monday)
CPFCCFebruary9 March (Monday)30 April (Monday)

For more information, kindly contact our Member Services team at 012-971 6833 or 012-972 6833, or send us an email at [email protected]

Thank you for your kind attention.