Official CMCO SOPs for States in Peninsular Malaysia as at 7 December 2020

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Official CMCO SOPs for States in Peninsular Malaysia as at 7 December 2020

09 Dec 2020

This is an English translation of the official CMCO SOPs published by the National Security Council.

Areas Involved

  • Kuala Lumpur
  • Selangor (except Sabak Bernam, Hulu Selangor and Kuala Selangor districts)
  • Kedah (Kulim district)
  • Penang (Mukim 12: Barat Daya & Mukim 13: Timur Laut)
  • Perak (Kinta district, Mukim Teja, Kampar and Mukim Changkat Jong, Hilir Perak)
  • Negeri Sembilan (Seremban & Port Dickson districts)
  • Kelantan (Kota Bharu, Machang, Tanah Merah & Pasir Mas districts)
  • Johor (Johor Bahru, Kota Tinggi, Batu Pahat & Kulai districts)


Effective 7 December 2020 (from 12.01 am) until 20 December 2020 (11.59 pm)


Activities allowed

  • Chain of economic and industrial activities.
  • Performing Official Government Duties.
  • Seeking healthcare, situations of emergency and death.

Activities not allowed

List of Unauthorised Activities (HERE)

Fixed Instructions

  • Act 342 (Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases Act 1988)
  • Subject to rulings issued by MKN and MOH.
  • Instructions, rules and SOPs under the Ministry / Department / Agency.
  • Other instructions from time to time issued by the Health Director-General.

Movement Control

  • Travelling between CMCO areas and RMCO areas is ALLOWED.
  • Police permission is REQUIRED for travel into EMCO areas.
  • Number of passengers within private vehicles are subject to vehicle capacity. However, high-risk individuals and children are not encouraged to go out into public, open and crowded areas.
  • Number of passengers within commercial vehicles for transporting goods and services, as well as economic/industrial chain of activities is subject to the registration licence of the vehicle.
  • Movement of private vehicles, Government departments or private companies for the purpose of work or official government business is dependent on the seating capacity of the vehicle.
  • Activities and services at all airports and ports are ALLOWED to operate.
  • Public transport services such as busses, express bus, LRT / MRT / ERL / Monorail, ferry, plane, taxi / e-hailing and other public transportation are ALLOWED to operate (operating hours subject to license terms) dependent on vehicle capacity.
  • Food delivery service is ALLOWED to operate from 6.00 am to 12.00 midnight throughout the CMCO period.

Activities In CMCO Area

  • Business / economy / industry are ALLOWED to operate as prescribed by the Government.
  • Supermarkets, Shopping Malls and Retail Stores are ALLOWED to operate according to the SOP from 6.00 am to 12.00 midnight.
  • Restaurants, shops / food stalls, food trucks, roadside hawkers, circulating hawkers, food court / hawker center, roadside stalls / kiosks, grocery stores and convenience stores are ALLOWED to operate according to the Food Sector SOP from 6.00 am to 12.00 midnight.
  • Restaurants and eateries are ALLOWED to operate on a dine-in basis (WITH 1 METER DISTANCING BETWEEN CUSTOMERS according to table size), take away, delivery or drive-through in compliance with the Food Sector SOP (Business Premises , Non-Premises Hawkers, Building Markets and Retail / Retail Food & Beverage). Operation hours are allowed from 6.00 am to 12.00 midnight (subject to license terms).
  • Daily market, wholesale market, farmers market, night market and Bazar Larut Malam (uptown, downtown and the like) operation hours are according to licence / permit until 12.00 midnight with SOP compliance and supervision by RELA / local government personnel.
  • Pumping operation hours at petrol stations are from 6.00 am to 12.00 midnight (except petrol station operations on the highway which are allowed to operate 24 hours).
  • Laundromat operations are ALLOWED from 6.00 am to 12.00 midnight.
  • Operations of other businesses for daily needs are ALLOWED from 6.00 am to 12.00 midnight (subject to license terms).

Medical / Health Services

  • Government and private clinics and hospitals are ALLOWED to operate 24 hours or according to time set by the Government.
  • Pharmacies and drug stores operate from 8.00 am to 12.00 midnight.

Health Protocol

  • The owner of the premises ensures control of the entry and exit of customers to the premises with 1 meter physical distancing.
  • The owner of the premises ensures that customers check in on the premises using MySejahtera or by manually writing their name and phone number as well as scanning body temperatures. A body temperature of 37.5 degrees Celsius and above is NOT ALLOWED to enter the premises.
  • Premise owners limit the number of customers on the premises in a given time and display the maximum number of customers on the premises.
  • Employees, suppliers and customers are required to wear face masks properly according to MOH recommendations while on the premises.

Occupational Activities

  • Movement in / out across CMCO and RMCO areas is ALLOWED.
  • Movement into EMCO areas is NOT ALLOWED.
  • Occupational activities based on Public Service Department Circular / Directive for civil servants and private sector employees.
  • Vehicles carrying employees including private vehicles are ALLOWED to operate with SOP compliance.

Sports and Recreational Activities

  • Sports and recreational activities without physical contact (indoor and outdoor) are allowed. Activities carried out individually must not exceed 10 people by ensuring social distancing (static activity: 1-3 meters and dynamic activities: 3-5 meters) such as walking, jogging, cycling, self-training gymnastics, hiking, fishing etc. are ALLOWED with compliance to the Sports & Recreation SOP.
  • Permission to operate and use sports facilities by the public is RESTRICTED to training activities that do not involve physical contact and with compliance to the Sports & Recreation SOP. User capacity for each premise involved should not exceed 50% of the total capacity limit. Every sports operator and organiser needs to schedule the implementation of training if there are many participants by limiting the number of users at any one time.
  • Existing centralized training programs implemented by the National Sports Council and The Sports Council of the States can be continued on a “Quarantine Based” basis Approach ”as implemented at the MSN Bukit Jalil and Keramat Complex, Academy Badminton Malaysia, Bukit Kiara, Paralympic Sports Center of Excellence, Kg. Pandan, Sunway Megalanes and Velodrome, Nilai.

Economic Sector Activities and Industry

  • Economic and industrial sector activities in CMCO areas are carried out as prescribed by the Government with compliance to the prescribed SOP.
  • All vehicles related to industry, business and manufacturing are ALLOWED to operate including across districts and states.

Fisheries, Plantation and Agriculture Sector Activities

Fisheries, plantation, agriculture, livestock and all related sectors of the food chain are ALLOWED to operate.

Religious Activities

  • Activities in mosques and suraus are ALLOWED with attendance limits set by the State Religious Authority.
  • Activities in non-Muslim places of worship are ALLOWED with attendance limits set by MKN / MOH / State Government and Ministry of Federal Territories for houses of worship in the Federal Territories.
  • Islamic wedding ceremony (akad nikah) is ALLOWED with the presence of a maximum limit of 30 people only based on the size of the space and the physical distancing in the Religious office or subject to the amount prescribed by the State Religious Authority.
  • Non-Muslim wedding ceremonies are ALLOWED with a maximum attendance of 30 people based on the area of ​​space and physical distancing in the National Registration Department / House of Worship / Non-Muslim Religious Associations.

Creative Industry

  • Recording activities for music, concerts, filming, talk shows and such is ALLOWED either for in-door recording (studio) or RESTRICTED for off-premises in CMCO areas with only a minimum number of crew and WITHOUT AUDIENCE and in compliance with the Creative Industry SOP.
  • Live event activities are allowed without spectators with the number of crew and staff set by Communications & Multimedia Ministry.
  • Busking activities indoors are ALLOWED with a set performance time and number of spectators determined by the Communications & Multimedia Ministry.

Childcare Centre and Nursery

  • Childcare centers, nurseries and kindergartens are allowed to operate with permission to operate by relevant Ministries / Agencies.
  • Parents / guardians who send children to childcare are allowed to use vehicles with the number of child passengers according to the capacity of the vehicle.


Face-to-face meetings for official business / work held at offices, hotels and other institutions are allowed in compliance with physical distancing, mandatory face mask and only 50% of the meeting room’s capacity.

Other Activities that are Allowed

Other activities not included in the List of Unauthorised Activities (Negative List) is ALLOWED based on existing SOPs that have been set.

List of Unauthorised Activities

Entertainment Activities

  • Activities at nightclubs or pubs.
  • Activities at theme parks, indoor playgrounds and cinemas – except for green zones within CMCO areas which are allowed to carry out such activities.
  • Concert activities or live events with the presence of spectators.

Seminars / Workshops / Conferences / Exhibitions

  • All Seminars / Workshops / Courses / Training / Conferences / Talks / Exhibitions and activities related to Meetings, Incentives, Conventions and Exhibitions (MICE) – except for green zones within CMCO areas which are allowed to carry out such activities.
  • Ongoing in-service training CAN BE IMPLEMENTED only in the area of ​​training institutions only.

Organising Gatherings

Official and Informal Ceremonies of Government and Private, Social Councils such as feasts, wedding ceremonies and engagements, receptions, aqiqah ceremonies, prayers of peace, tahlil, anniversary celebrations, birthday celebrations, reunions, retreats and other social events.


  • Tuition classes, music classes, dance classes, arts, paid recital classes, paid language classes and so on EXCEPT individual (one on one) classes. Such activities are allowed in green zones within CMCO areas.
  • EXCEPTIONS. School students, Public & Private Higher Education Institutes who take tests or examinations with institutions abroad are ALLOWED to attend to sit for exams only and not for learning sessions.

Sports and Recreation Activities

  • Picnic activities, physical contact activities / combat sports, matches for team sports and tournament / competition organization activities.
  • Sports and recreational activities that involve large-scale involvement and difficult to ensure physical distancing.
  • Sports events and competitions in the presence of spectators, and sports events and competitions involving participants from abroad.

Tourism Activities

  • Tourism activities at EMCO areas.
  • Overseas tourism activities by citizens and domestic tourism activities involving foreign tourists entering Malaysia except foreign tourists from countries as stated by the Minister.
  • EXCEPTIONS. Tourism activities at green zones within CMCO areas ALLOWED and must comply with the SOP set by the Tourism, Arts & Culture Ministry (MOTAC).

Others Which are Not Allowed

  • Any activity that may cause many people to be present in a place that makes it difficult for physical distancing and compliance with the instructions of the Health Director General.
  • Other matters decided by the Government from time-to-time.
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