AICB Member Satisfaction Survey 2022: Key Highlights

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AICB Member Satisfaction Survey 2022: Key Highlights

10 Jan 2023

Our members have always been the core of what we do and striving to bring better value through our professional banking qualifications and offerings have remained a focal point for the Institute over the years.

The annual AICB Member Satisfaction Survey 2022 was carried out from September–October 2022 to obtain members’ feedback on the following areas:

  • Member value proposition
  • Professional qualifications
  • Continuing Professional Development, and
  • Member engagement.

The survey received responses from 1,803 members (9.02%), 90% of which have completed AICB's qualifications.

What do our members say about us?

The survey findings reinforced that AICB’s current value offerings are aligned to member needs, and highlighted key areas of focus for future value offerings.

We would like to thank all survey respondents for their valuable feedback, which will help us improve on our offerings and provide more value for AICB members.

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