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CASI In-person Capacity-building Event
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3rd Malaysian Banking Conference 2024
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AICB’s Empowering Bankers CPD Programme — Tech Edge Series
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Congratulations to all Conferees!


Tan Sri Azman Hashim, FCB

Asian Institute of Chartered Bankers

As Chairman of the Asian Institute of Chartered Bankers (AICB), it is my honour to extend my heartiest congratulations to all of you on attaining the prestigious Chartered Banker status. This career milestone is especially significant given the challenging circumstances we have been facing for close to two years.

Although I would have preferred to meet you in person, the current situation has made it quite impossible for us to have our annual physical conferment ceremony. Nevertheless, I am glad that we are able to meet virtually today and I would like to applaud the 276 Chartered Banker conferees this year for your diligence, resilience and determination in attaining the Chartered Banker status under these difficult circumstances — you and your families should be very proud.

The number of Chartered Bankers in Malaysia continues to rise to a total of 511 to date — a 49.6% increase compared to 2019 — bearing testament to the growing number of bankers dedicated to the pursuit of becoming future-ready, well-skilled, and strong advocates of professionalism in the banking industry. Our membership remains at over 32,500 members to date, with a healthy retention rate of 90%. We are also encouraged by the strong Chartered Banker pipeline of over 900 bankers who are on track to complete the CB programme by 2021, as AICB continues to nurture our banking talent into leaders who can contribute significantly to the industry and successfully navigate today's challenging environment in a post-pandemic world.

I would like to acknowledge the close support of our partners, the Chartered Banker Institute (CBI), UK, and the Asian Banking School, in assisting us and our members towards these achievements. To the many employers present today, thank you for investing in the professional development of your employees. We strongly believe that organisations that invest in their talent will benefit from a more efficient and skilled workforce.

The pandemic has certainly laid bare the many vulnerabilities in our society. There has never been a time that so greatly tested the resilience and resourcefulness of Malaysians. It was heartening to see our member banks pulling together swiftly and effectively to address the financial needs of the public and provide aid and support to the communities affected by shortages of medical equipment, beds, food and basic amenities, etc. This is truly a remarkable demonstration of the responsibility, professionalism and kindness of our banking community. I understand Malaysia was the only country in Southeast Asia to have implemented a blanket, automatic loan repayment moratorium for individuals and small and medium enterprises (SMEs), which benefitted millions of Malaysians, and I am glad that our banks continue to proactively offer various other targeted repayment assistance programmes until today.

As The Economist Editor Hartley Withers once wrote, “Good banking is produced not by good laws, but by good bankers”. Laws alone are insufficient to prevent bad behaviour. In addition to the various corporate ethical frameworks and processes in place, developing individual capacity for good decision-making and professionalism is key to strengthening the industry’s reputation and improving public trust. When ethics becomes a shared responsibility, we will see real change that may even become our strongest defence against a future financial crisis. This is where AICB’s role as a professional body for bankers helps to develop this mindset and capacity in the banking workforce.

Since the banking industry plays a significant role in the economic growth of our nation, it is essential to build a strong talent pipeline capable of ensuring its sustainability, adaptability and growth. But in this fast-evolving global environment, the skills and qualifications that are in demand today can quickly become outdated. For AICB to maintain the high standards and relevancy of our qualifications, we have been working closely with the Chartered Banker Institute, UK, to continuously review and update our professional education and membership framework. The new AICB qualification and membership framework, which is currently being implemented in phases, features updated qualification content, streamlined progression pathways, a robust online examination framework, and an even greater focus on professional ethics, which will further support our members in helping them meet the extensive shift in customer needs.

I remain optimistic knowing that we have a growing number of Chartered Bankers that will lead us to a better future.

I would like to leave you with this message, my fellow Chartered Bankers: As you progress towards your respective career goals, adopt a set of good core values that will serve as a moral compass and guide your judgment and decisions. Always remember the oath that you will take today reflects a personal commitment and responsibility to uphold our Code of Professional Conduct by observing the highest standards of professionalism and integrity throughout your careers. Your Chartered Banker status accords you that competitive edge that distinguishes you from your fellow contemporaries as a trusted banking practitioner equipped with detailed knowledge of modern banking and its ethical and professional requirements.

While the road ahead is filled with uncertainties, I am hopeful that Malaysia’s economic outlook will continue to evolve positively, especially with the encouraging progress on the vaccine front. I would like to assure you that moving forward, we at AICB remain committed to providing you with the resources and support to achieve banking excellence. I am sure that under the new leadership of AICB Chief Executive Edward Ling, there will be many exciting, new developments at the Institute, which will bring greater value to our members.

Once again, my heartiest congratulations to you, our Chartered Banker conferees. Well done indeed on your hard work and lasting achievement!

I would like to convey my thanks and appreciation to the Governor of Bank Negara Malaysia and her senior colleagues for their continuous support, our Council Members, the Chartered Banker Institute, UK, the Asian Banking School as well as our other institute partners and to the dedicated AICB team for ensuring the success of this virtual event.

Mr Abdul Malik Bin Sikkandar, CBMr Jonathan Chong Kian Kiong, CBDatuk Nora Abd Manaf, CB
Ms Adeline Heng Mei Leng, CBMr Joseph Marianathan Dominic A/L Thanaraj, CBMs Nul Azlin Binti Ahyaluddin, CB
Ms Adlin Binti Abdul Razak, CBMs Juliana Tan Binti Abdullah, CBMs Nur Diana Binti Abdullah, CB
Mr Ahmad Mustaqim Bin Haji Mohd Zain, CBMs Junaidah Binti Ladi, CBMs Nur Nazratulhusna Binti Abdul Hamid, CB
Mr Ahmad Rizal Bin Lope Zainal Abidin, CBMs Junita Karen Mariadoss, CBMs Nursyahida Binti Nazir, CB
Mr Alexander Loh Weng Keen, CBMr K Vikraman A/L Kalia Purumal, CBMr Oh Kok Heng, CB
Mr Allan Sze Ying Keat, CBMs Kamisah Binti Abd Kadir, CBMs Oh Ping Ping, CB
Ms Andrea Lim Zui Ling, CBMs Karin Chong, CBMr Ong Chin Han, CB
Mr Andrew Chong Vern Bor, CBMs Kavitha A/P Thillainathan, CBMs Ong Julain, CB
Ms Ang Ai Nee, CBMr Kee Chin Teck, CBMs Ong Kar Mun, CB
Ms Ang Khai Lin, Karen, CBMr Kesavan A/L Ganeson, CBMr Ong Thai Kee, CB
Mr Anis Sani Bin Ariffin, CBMr Khairil Anuar Bin Mohammad Anuar, CBMr Ong Yee Ben, CB
Mr Arshad Bin Mohamed Ismail, CBMr Khairul Hakeem Bin Mohamed Sahari, CBMs Pang Chin Chu, CB
Ms Aster Melodi Alibi, CBMr Khairul Husni Bin Abdullah, CBMr Perbagaran A/L K Kuppusamy, CB
Mr Benjamin Chern-Xin Toh, CBMr Khairulanwar Bin Rifaie, CBMs Phuah Shok Cheng, CB
Ms Chai Po Ling, CBMs Kho Yian Yong, CBMs Poon Yuew Sim, CB
Ms Chan Carmen, CBMs Khoo Lian Kim, CBMs Poorani A/P K P Ramachandran, CB
Ms Chan Ee Pei, CBMr Khoo Soon Hong, CBMr Pui Hock Hui, CB
Ms Chan Jen Jing, CBMs Koh Hooi Ping, CBMr Rajaram Dilipkumar, CB
Ms Chan Shuet Mae, CBMr Koh Kok Hong, CBMs Rebecca Choong Shu Wen, CB
Ms Chan Siew Kien, CBMr Koh Yong Boon, CBMs Rena Tan Geok Nee, CB
Ms Chan Tse Ning, CBMr Kok Weng Kheong, CBMs Rosliana Tam Hung Yee, CB
Ms Chan Yee Kwan, CBMs Koo Tse Ee, CBMs Rozina Binti Abd Rahman, CB
Ms Chan Yit Ming, CBMr Koon How Chong, CBMs Sa Chin Chin, CB
Dato' Chang Kat Kiam, CBMs Krystle Yap Wy-Sze, CBMs Sabrina Kuah Swee Ching, CB
Ms Chang Su Juen, CBMs Kwan Lai Peng, CBMs Sarimah Binti Mohamed, CB
Mr Charles Chin Chuan Ming, CBMs Kwek Yeang Ching, CBMr Saw Chan Chern, CB
Ms Cheng Chuan Shing, CBMs Lai Pai Leng, CBMr Saw Ewe Jin, CB
Mr Cheong Boon Kak, CBMr Lai Siew Cong, CBMs Saw Poh Hoon, CB
Ms Cheryl-Ann Chan Sean Chee, CBMs Lai Yee Thing, CBMs Shamita A/P Atputharaja, CB
Mr Chew Seong Aun, CBMr Lai Yit Loong, CBMs Sherly Azlina Binti Mokhtar, CB
Ms Chin Lai Fun, CBMs Lau Sok Ling, CBMr Simon Su Hiong Tiing, CB
Ms Chong Boon Yee, CBMs Law Bee Chiy, CBMs Sin Ai Chie, CB
Mr Chong Chu Siang, CBMs Lee Eng Choo, CBMs Siti Hasmah Binti Mohamed, CB
Mr Chong Foo Lim, CBMr Lee Han Yee, CBMs Siti Rosina Binti Attaullah, CB
Ms Chong Siew Chin, CBMr Lee Kai Hau, CBMs Soo Jin Hui, CB
Ms Chong Sow Lai, CBMs Lee Kar Hui, CBMr Soo Kok Leong, CB
Ms Chong Wei Mun, CBMs Lee Mei Lin, CBMr Soo Wang Wei, CB
Ms Choong Sze Mun, CBMs Lee Sook Yu, CBMr Soo Yan Zheng, CB
Mr Choong Wai Keong, CBMr Lee Yu Chyang, CBMr Soong Jia Seng, CB
Ms Chow Min, CBMr Leong Mun Chin, CBMr Stephen Chin Beng Keat, CB
Ms Christina Lim Ley Kim, CBMr Leong Yik Loong, CBMr Steven Ee Chin Nam, CB
Mr Chu Kok Wei, CBMr Liew Han Joo, CBMr Steven Yeoh Chia Hui, CB
Ms Chua Chai Hoon, CBMs Lim Gek Nah, CBMr Suresh A/L Gnasegarah, CB
Ms Cindy Ho Soke Ching, CBMs Lim Hui Hui, CBMr Syamsul Azuan Bin Ahmad Fauzi, CB
Ms Cynthia Lai Uin Rue, CBMs Lim Hui Si, CBMr Syazreen Bin Abdul Ghani, CB
Ms Dheepnam Kaur A/P Paramjit Singh, CBMs Lim Hwei Li, CBMr Syed Abdull Aziz Jailani Bin Syed Kechik, CB
Ms Diane Megan Wong, CBMr Lim Kok Fuat, CBMs Sylvia Wong Miew Hing, CB
Mr Ee Shiu Loong, CBMs Lim Mei Lin @ Jans Lim, CBMr Tan Eng Kiang, CB
Mr Ekhwan Bin Jani, CBMs Lim Mei Shan, CBMr Tan Ka Hui, CB
Mr Er Leng Kwant, CBMs Lim Phooi Teng, CBMr Tan Kee Han, CB
Mr Eugene Chua Wei Chong, CBMs Lim Soek Yan, CBMr Tan Kian Meng, CB
Mr Eugene Khoo Kong Hooi, CBMr Lim Soh Chong, CBMs Tan Lee Ling, CB
Mr Faisol Zulkifli, CBMs Lim Su Chew, CBMs Tan Ley Ley, CB
Mr Falino Ku Chun Loong, CBMr Lim Tiong Ghee, CBMs Tan May Yen, CB
Ms Fan Poh Lin, CBMs Lim Tse Yee, CBMs Tan Poh Hong, CB
Ms Faradina Binti Mohammad Ghouse, CBMr Lionel Ho Tze-Kuang, CBMs Tan Sher Lynn, CB
Ms Farahnaz Binti Ibrahim, CBMs Lock Wan Ling, CBMr Tan Sze Fong, CB
Ms Fong Lai Yong, CBMr Loh Wai Mun, CBMs Tan Sze Mei, CB
Mr Fong Seow Loong, CBMr Lok Kin Leong, CBMr Tang Kum Choy, CB
Ms Foo Ee Lane, CBMr Loke Chee Keen, CBMr Tay Kuan Yeow, CB
Ms Foong Pik Yee, CBMs Long Kim Guar, CBMr Teh Chin Yeong, CB
Ms Gan Khong Bee, CBMs Long Pee Siu, CBMr Teh Khang Suon @ Teh Sing Hao, CB
Mr Gan Khong Min, CBMs Looi Lai Cheng, CBMr Teoh Jing Ren, CB
Mr Gan Sing Hwa, CBMr Low Kwok Hoe, CBMr Tiow Chee Seng, CB
Mr Gary Chan Jin Liang, CBMs Maheswari A/P G Kanniah, CBMs Tracia Kam Hsien Rene, CB
Mr Goay Ngee Chiew, CBMs Mahsuri Binti Mustaffa, CBMr Vasshanmugapiria A/P Andiappan Mani, CB
Mr Goh Chin Teik, CBMs Mak Min Li, CBMs Visalini A/P Ravindran, CB
Mr Goh Kok Kit, CBMr Manuel Bulens, CBMs Wahdania Binti Mohd Khir, CB
Ms Goh Kwee Hiang, CBMs Mariyam Hamziyya, CBMr Wan Ban Ong, CB
Mr Goh Ming Tze, CBMr Mohamed Nazri Bin Omar, CBMr Wan Mohamad Fathi Bin Wan Nordin, CB
Ms Goh Shin Peih, CBMr Mohd Akmal Bin Amri, CBMs Wan Yam Mun, CB
Ms Goh Sie Wee, CBMr Mohd Farris Bin Khairudin, CBMr Wong Chao Siang, CB
Ms Gwee Chai Hong, CBMr Mohd Shahrulnizam Bin Abdul Rahim, CBMr Wong Chee Seng, CB
Mr Hans Raj Sukhani, CBDr Muhammad Bin Md Husin, CBMs Wong Chui Ling, CB
Ms Heng, Chanborasmey, CBMr Muhammad Firdaus Bin Sulaiman, CBMs Wong May Cy, CB
Ms Henry Tan Khoon Seng, CBMr Muruga Raja A/L Ramalingam, CBMr Wong Mun Heng, CB
Ms Ho Kai Ru, CBMr Muzamir Bin Omar, CBMr Wong Woon Leong, CB
Ms Ho Lee Lee, CBMr Ng Jia Jun, CBMs Yap Ee-Wern, CB
Mr Hon Kah Cho, CBMs Ng Pui See, CBMs Yap Hooi Voon, CB
Mr Hor Kwok Wai, CBMs Ng Seok Lee, CBMs Yap Pei Zhen, CB
Mr How Zhi Yeong, CBMs Ng Siew Cheng, CBMr Yeoh See Soon, CB
Ms Huang Paik Ling, CBMr Ng Tiong Soon, CBMs Yeoh Seow Shuang, CB
Ms Ibrahim Khathma, CBMs Ng Wei Yue, CBMr Yeow Jia Nian, CB
Ms Iswary Chelliah, CBMr Ng Weng Kong, CBMs Yew Sze Mun, CB
Ms Jacqueline Chan Swee Lin, CBMs Ng Yin Kheng, CBMs Yik Sook Ling, CB
Ms Jamie Tay Kim Gek, CBMs Nik Adlina Binti Nik Mokhtar, CBMs Yip Li Jin, CB
Ms Jasmine Loh Sook Ling, CBMs Nomita A/P Shanmughanathan, CBMr Yong Wai Lian, CB
Mr Jay Khairil Jeremy Bin Abdullah, CBMrs Nor Hidayah Binti Mohd Ajaib, CBMs Yuen Sook Cheng, CB
Mr Jefferi Mahmud Hashim, CBMs Norehan Binti Ikhlas, CBMs Yumin Osborne @ Jen Mei Yap, CB
Mr Jeffrey Ng Eow Oo, CBMs Norjuliana Binti Mohamad Nordin, CBMr Zilhazmir Md Hamzah, CB
Ms Jennifer Voon Lee Joo, CBMs Norli Yusnita Binti Arsat, CBMr Zilhazran Bin Md Hamzah, CB
Chartered Banker
Ng Seok Lee
Professional Banker
Tan Su Thien
Business Credit Professional
Ng Yoke Yin
Retail Credit Professional
Jong Chiew Thong
Bank Risk Management
Joshua Devindran A/L Jayapal

Oh Lean Ting

Tan Peir Chyuan
Certification For Bank Auditors
Elaine Yee Sow Mun
Certified Anti-money Laundering &
Counter Financing of Terrorism
Compliance Officer
Letchumy Prabah A/P Krishnan

Syahirah Binti Ahmad
Advanced Certification In
Anti-money Laundering And
Counter Financing Of Terrorism
Cheah Guat Sim
Advanced Certification In
Regulatory Compliance
Kaladevi A/P Armiham @ Arumugam

Nurul Ain Binti Zainal Abidin
Chartered Banker
Lee Eng Choo
Professional Banker
Ong Chun Kiat
Business Credit Professional
Natasah Binti Kulilan @ Jamian
Retail Credit Professional
Chan Chung Beng

Thurga Thevi A/P Palanisamy
Bank Risk Management
Chan Yat Siong
Certification For Bank Auditors
Low Pey Mun
Certified Anti-money Laundering &
Counter Financing of Terrorism
Compliance Officer
Lim Tiong Jin
Advanced Certification In
Anti-money Laundering And
Counter Financing Of Terrorism
Liau Choi Lai
Advanced Certification In
Regulatory Compliance
Chin Ru Wen
Programme Booklet

Get to know our Chartered Banker conferees and Excellence Award winners - view the programme booklet here:

The Asian Institute of Chartered Bankers (AICB) organised its 4th Chartered Banker Conferment 2021 on 2 October 2021 @ 9 am, held virtually and broadcasted from Flexi Hall, Level 1, Bangunan AICB. This year, 276 individuals were conferred the Chartered Banker status, a prestigious designation awarded jointly with the Chartered Banker Institute (CBI), UK and which recognises the diligence and determination of conferees in attaining the gold standard in banking. The ceremony commenced with the welcome address by AICB Chairman Tan Sri Azman Hashim, followed by an address by Simon Thompson, Chief Executive Officer of CBI, UK, with the conferees sharing highlights of their professional journey towards attaining the Chartered Banker status after. This was followed by the presentation of Excellence Awards to the winners of 2019 and 2020. The Chartered Banker conferees then took the oath of commitment to the Code of Professional Conduct, led by AICB Chairman Tan Sri Azman Hashim. Close to 300 individuals attended the ceremony, including the AICB Council.

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