The Inaugural Taylor’s – AICB Awareness Day proves to be a hit with students

Subang Jaya, 15 April 2016 – The inaugural Taylor’s – AICB Awareness Day; held at Taylor’s University, Lakeside Campus recently; proved to be a hit with the over 150 selected students from Taylor’s Business School who packed the hall to listen to the input by three leading banking representatives.

Chin Char Nie, Omar Akbar Khan and Tushaani Naidu, from the Bachelor of Business (Hons) Finance & Economics programme at Taylor’s Business School, shared they appreciated efforts such as this as it provided each of them invaluable input.

Omar said that the half-day session was a great way to bridge the gap between university life and the working world.

“It was an opportunity to be exposed to real-life issues and realities that are not normally discussed in a classroom setting. Listening to the speakers share their thoughts about the happenings in today’s society, particularly in the banking sector, was very insightful and I’m glad that we were able to participate in an event such as this.

“Sessions such as this will allow us to bridge the gap between classroom studies and the reality that we will move into when we graduate,” said the 21-year old.

Coursemate, Tushaani Naidu, agreed, saying that the half-day session was an eye-opening experience.

“We were exposed to the insight of a recruiter and what we need to be mindful of when we go for interviews. In this global and connected world, there is a wealth of information out there and today’s session allowed me to streamline my thoughts and helped me zone into what exactly a top employer looks for when interviewing future employees.

“This session was also a good wake-up call because I am halfway through my degree and can use the remainder of my time in university to focus on developing and enhancing my social values such as cross-cultural understanding, strategic decision-making skills and resourcefulness,” she said.

Chin Char Nie, who’s in the second year of her degree, said that she appreciated how open the speakers were in sharing their knowledge with the participants.

“This session allowed us to express our curiosity and learn about the trends and practices of the banking industry from top practitioners. This is valuable exposure and will assist in providing us input and insight into what we will step into on graduation,” she said.

The Taylor’s- AICB Awareness Day, the first of its kind outreach programme to empower the next generation of business and finance professionals, stems from the inking of a partnership between Taylor’s and AICB that took place last year. This first session is testament to AICB’s commitment to share valuable insight of leading practices and knowledge in banking trends and developments by practitioners in the field.

Taylor’s Business School Dean, Dr Vinitha Guptan shared that this platform is one of the many ways that Taylor’s Business School aims to provide its students an education with a difference.

“We believe in shaping the next generation to become purposeful leaders. The only way to be aware of your purpose is to be exposed to valuable information that can help shape your life-to know just what lies ahead.

“Through this session, our students got to get inside the thought processes of three impactful individuals from the sector and I hope they will be able to hone their talent and diversify their knowledge to become better at their craft,” she shared.

Mr Tay Kay Luan, Chief Executive of AICB echoed the same sentiments in his opening address. “By providing speakers who are expert in their respective professional fields, AICB is able to impart relevant industry information to stimulate the young minds of Taylor’s University. We have an important obligation to build the future talent pipeline for the banking and financial services industry. We know that the industry is hungry for qualified professionals and we are responding to it by collaborating with Universities to produce employer-ready talent for the industry.”

During the session, Mr Stephen Louis J.C. Silva, Head of Group Credit Risk Management, RHB Group, shared about bank risk management during a financial crisis and Pn Hamidah Naziadin, Group Chief People Officer, CIMB Group touched on the employability of today’s graduates for careers in the banking sector. The two speakers, along with Mr Tay Kay Luan, also participated in a plenary session titled Expectations of the Ever Evolving Industry Today, which was moderated by Mr George John from Taylor’s Business School.