A. Assessment Structure

Programme Level
Pass Mark
Written Answers
Duration and Format

Level 1

Certificate in Financial Services (CFS)60%2 hours 80 MCQs
Certificate in Credit (CCR)60%
Certificate in Anti-Money Laundering & Counter Financing of Terrorism (CAM) —
formerly CAMEX
Certificate in Regulatory Compliance (CRCOP)60%

Level 2

Professionalism and Ethics (PET)60%3 hours 15 mins
Select 2 out of 3
scenario-based questions
Bank Audit Practices (BKA)60%3 hours
50 independent MCQs and 25
scenario-based MCQs
Bank Risk Practices (BKR)60%3 hours
60 independent MCQs and 20
scenario-based MCQs
Bank Business Credit Practices (BBC)60%
Bank Retail Credit Practices (BRC)60%

Anti-Money Laundering & Counter Financing of Terrorism Practices (SCAM) — formerly CAMCO

60%3,500-word work-based assignment
Regulatory Compliance Practices (RCOP)60%3,500-word work-based assignment

Level 3
Chartered Banker

Bank Risk Management (BRM)60%6,000-word work-based assignment
Commercial Lending (COL)60%6,000-word work-based assignment
Bank Strategy, Operations and Technology (SOT)60%6,000-word work-based assignment

B. Grade Band

Results will be expressed in the following grade bands:

Grade BandMarks (%)
Distinction80 and above
Pass60 – 79
Fail59 and below

C. Qualification and Module Time Limit

  1. The qualification time limit applies to all levels of programmes.
  2. Members must complete the programme within the stipulated qualification time limit upon enrolment, failing which they will lose all the passes accumulated and must re-apply to the programme.
  3. The module time limit is only applicable to Level 3 Chartered Banker modules.
  4. Members must complete the module within the stipulated module time limit upon registration.
  5. Members will not be able to access the online learning materials in the AICB Member Portal once the qualification time limit has expired.
  6. Should members feel they require more time to complete the module, they may apply for an extension of the qualification time limit via the AICB Member Portal.
  7. For more information on the qualification and module time limit, please refer to the AICB Membership and Qualification Regulations.

Programme Level
Number of modules to complete
Qualification Time limit
Module Time Limit

Level 1 Foundation Certificated Programmes


12 months


Level 2 Specialised Certificated Programmes


24 months


Level 3 Chartered Banker


24 months

12 months