Investor Protection Professional Certification (IPPC)

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The Investor Protection Professional Certification (IPPC) is an exam-based qualification jointly awarded by AICB and the ACI-Financial Markets Association of Malaysia (ACI-FMAM). As a certified IPPC professional, you will be professionally qualified to market and sell structured products and unlisted debt securities to meet the regulatory requirements under the Guidelines on Investor Protection jointly issued by Bank Negara Malaysia and Securities Commission Malaysia. The IPPC programme covers four study areas that focus on market structure; investor protection guidelines, law and regulations; Know-Your-Client best practices; and the various types of investment products available. The IPPC programme is only open to registered members of ACI-FMAM.


The IPPC qualification aims to produce banking professionals who are able to:

  • recommend financial services and products (including insurance policies, credit cards, checking accounts, loans, mutual funds and stocks) which are best suited to the risk appetites and needs of the client
  • monitor markets and economies, and evaluate how changes in finances may affect taxes and client situations
  • obtain information from financial analysts and advise clients on implementing financially prudent habits ensure compliance with industry and legal policies and procedures.


Employees of registered persons (as defined in the Guidelines on Investor Protection, jointly issued by Bank Negara Malaysia and Securities Commission Malaysia) involved in the selling and marketing of structured products and unlisted debt securities.


No Certification Pathway.


For full details on the new enrolment process for the IPPC qualification and registrations for workshops and examinations documentation, click here.


To apply for this qualification, a valid Financial Markets Association of Malaysia membership is mandatory.


Candidates who submit incomplete applications (i.e. applications with incomplete details or supporting documents) will be given 30 days to provide the required information and/or documentation, failing which the application will be declined.

The new enrolment process and registration of examinations for the PKMC qualification are illustrated below:

Step 1: Candidate applies for the IPPC qualification via the Member Portal.

Step 2: Upon receiving the application approval, candidate registers for examinations via the Member Portal.

Step 3: Candidate attends examinations at the designated venue.

Important Notes:

  1. To apply for this regulatory qualification, a valid FMAM (PPKM) membership is mandatory.
  2. A candidate is not required to be a member of AICB to enrol for this regulatory qualification.