Chartered Banker By Experience

Introduction To Chartered Banker By Experience

The Chartered Banker status is the gold standard for banking professionals globally, with holders of the designation recognised as highly qualified professionals with detailed knowledge of the modern banking sector and its ethical and professional requirements. For experienced individuals who seek an accelerated, flexible yet rigorous route to the Chartered Banker status, we offer the Chartered Banker By Experience (CBBE) programme, which provides bankers with the opportunity to reflect on their competence and expertise in banking and shape their future personal and professional development. To gain professional recognition for your knowledge and contributions to banking, join this challenging and intense programme and demonstrate the highest standards of professional excellence.

AICB is offering this CBBE programme in collaboration with the Chartered Banker Institute (CBI), UK, which is the only institute in the world able to confer the Chartered Banker status.

Learning Outcomes

This programme aims to produce banking professionals who:

  • demonstrate extensive knowledge of the banking sector and are able to manage complex issues and perform a wide range of banking functions
  • exercise sound judgment and make informed decisions in relevant work situations
  • are ethical and professional, and able to develop strategies to improve organisational performance.

Target Audience

  • Banking professionals with several years of experience.
  • Experienced professionals aspiring to hold leadership roles in the banking industry.

Programme Fees

Application Fee (RM) Programme Fee (RM) (Inclusive of 6% Service Tax)
1,500 14,310

Note: All fees paid are non-refundable

Entry Requirements

The CBBE programme is intended for individuals who have ≥ 10 years of banking-related business experience (recommended), including ≥ 5 years of relevant banking experience at manager/senior manager level, with the following:

  1. substantial experience in at least 1 key area of banking, e.g. retail, commercial/corporate, wholesale, wealth, financial banking, payments, operations, credit, risk, banking operations, international, technology
  2. experience in a range of topics contained in the self-evaluation outcomes (please click here for a copy of the self-evaluation questionnaire), and
  3. significant experience or exposure to credit and/or risk functions.

The diagramme below illustrates a candidate’s learning journey:

* Please click here to view the sample CV format.

Assessment Structure

There are 3 steps to becoming a Chartered Banker via the CBBE programme:

Step 1: Critical Self-Evaluation

In this step, candidates reflect on their experience, expertise and professional practice.

There will be 3 reflective statements (800–1,200 words each) required, covering:

  1. one key area of banking
  2. the development and future of banking, and
  3. leadership.

Step 2: Professional Ethics Assignment

An assignment (3,000 words), where candidates are required to:

  1. describe the key principles of ethical and professional behaviour in a banking environment, and
  2. reflect on situations at work where they faced ethical dilemmas, consider how they dealt with those situations and how it has impacted their professional practice today.

Step 3: Presentation and Professional Discussion

This step comprises the following:

  1. A 30-minute presentation based on the candidate’s Professional Ethics assignment
  2. A 2-hour professional discussion with the assessor on the candidate’s career and experience — as set out in the CV provided — and in the self-evaluation statements.

Assessment Support

Once you enrol for the Chartered Banker By Experience programme, you will receive:

  • individual support from your designated assessor
  • advice and guidance on completing your critical self-evaluation
  • a copy of the AICB’s Professionalism & Ethics study guide to help you complete the Professional Ethics assignment
  • advice and guidance on preparing for your presentation and professional discussion, and
  • access to AICB’s comprehensive range of online communities and materials to help and support you during the programme.

Time limit

Candidates are expected to complete the CBBE programme within 12–16 weeks of enrolment.


Candidates are required to submit the prerequisite supporting documents for enrolment.

Candidates who submit incomplete applications, i.e. applications with incomplete details or supporting documents, will be given 30 days to provide the required information and/or documentation, failing which the application will be declined.

Qualification Documents Required
Chartered Banker by Experience Curriculum vitae (CV) highlighting the specific descriptions of the job function, achievements and competencies for each position.

Please see an example CV here, showing the level of detail that we require.

Important notes

  1. Where necessary, AICB may request for a copy of the qualification certificate/examination transcript, which must be certified as true copies.
  2. If the documents are not in English or Bahasa Malaysia, translated documents by a certified translator must be appended to the submission. The credentials and contact information of the certified translator must be stated.
  3. AICB reserves the right to contact the awarding institution to verify the authenticity of the candidate’s qualifications.


To apply for the Chartered Banker By Experience (CBBE) programme, please click here.