Digital Banking – Malaysian Banks at a Crossroads

AICB and PwC Malaysia collaborated on a webinar entitled “Digital Banking – Malaysian Banks at a Crossroads” on 3 June 2020 at 10 am. Moderated by AICB CEO Prasad Padmanaban, the discussion centred on the strategies adopted by financial institutions to compete and stay relevant in the banking and FinTech landscape. Key speakers from PwC Malaysia Dr Paul Francis and Yennie Tan shared their observations on the success factors of several banks across the region that have set up digital banks; how banks can make a successful transition to digital and stay ahead of the curve, and the importance of partnerships between banks. Michael Foong, CB, Group Chief Strategy Officer & Chief Executive Officer, International, of Maybank Group, highlighted the importance of data as the bedrock of success and sustainability for organisations in order to serve and anticipate customer needs and wants. He also emphasised the need for banks to be agile in their work processes, organisational culture and IT systems to ensure that customers receive a seamless and pleasant banking experience. The webinar was attended by close to 400 participants, who actively engaged with the speakers through the Q&A session and chats. A recording of the webinar was provided to all participants after the session.