Breakfast Series: How Do You Organise a Financial Services Firm to Manage Risk Effectively?

“How do you organise a financial services firm to manage risk effectively?”

This question is usually answered through some variation of the “Three Lines of Defence (3LoD)” framework. Yet while the term “3LoD” is quite prevalent in the Financial Services (FS) industry, the application has been generally weak. Organisations have fallen short in the specificity and thoroughness in implementing this, often leading to a problem of “blurred lines”. Why is this the case? What are the traps that FS institutions fall into? How can they do better? What makes the framework work? What does “good” look like?

This Breakfast Series will bring subject matter experts from Oliver Wyman, a global practitioner-driven leader in top tier management consulting, to answer some of these questions – and get perspectives on real challenges and potential solutions from banking executives on the topic.

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