Revised Professional Designations for Qualified Members

Upon completion of any of the qualifications as prescribed in Table 1, Members with a minimum of three years of banking experience shall be eligible to upgrade their membership to Associate status and use the applicable professional designation after their name. Associate members who have attained the professional designation must retain membership of the Institute, adhere to the Institute’s Code of Professional Conduct and Continuing Professional Development requirements as set out in the Regulations.

Qualification Professional Designation
Designatory Letters
Retail Credit Professional Certified Retail Credit Practitioner CRCP
Business Credit Professional Certified Business Credit Practitioner CBCP
Certified Credit Professional Certified Retail Credit Practitioner
Certified Business Credit Practitioner
Bank Risk Management Certified Bank Risk Practitioner CBRP
Advanced Certification in Anti-Money Laundering/ Counter Financing of Terrorism Certified Practitioner – AML CP – AML
Certified Professional in Anti-Money Laundering/ Counter Financing of Terrorism Certified Senior Practitioner – AML CSP – AML
Advanced Certification in Regulatory Compliance Certified Practitioner – Compliance CP – Compliance
Pasaran Kewangan Malaysia Certificate Certified Market Practitioner
Certified Senior Market Practitioner
Table 1: Professional Designations

As an example, if a member, by the name of John Taylor has completed the Bank Risk Management qualification, he may use the following designations:
• John Taylor, Associate, AICB (Certified Bank Risk Practitioner) or
• John Taylor, Associate, AICB (CBRP)

As for Chartered Banker membership, members will have to complete Chartered Banker qualification and attain a minimum of 10 years of core banking experience. This will allow members to apply for upgrade and use the designatory letters, CB, following his or her name as follows:
• John Taylor, Chartered Banker, AICB

To apply for upgrade, please log on to the Membership Portal. For enquiries, please email