Request for Proposal: Open Tender for Chartered Banker Qualification Content Development


AICB is inviting qualified and experienced writers’ (individuals and/or companies) who fulfil the requirements listed below to participate in the above-mentioned tender.

Mandatory Requirements

  1. Min 5+ years of experience in banking industry and/or specific function e.g. Credit, Audit Risk, Finance and Banking
  2. Wiling to work closely with the respective key stakeholders as advised by AICB e.g. Industry Curriculum Committee (ICC) and Subject Matter Experts (SME)
  3. Agree to release the Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) of the study text to AICB
  4. No litigation or dispute has been instituted against the tenderer

 Project Objective, Project Deliverables and Scope of Work

  1. AICB is seeking proposals from interested and qualified tenderers to develop content for AICB’s qualification modules. The scope of the modules for each qualification is attached in the Request for Proposal (RFP) document.
  2. Tenderers are expected to:
    a) Provide services for ONE of the modules listed in the table below:

    Modules Project Deliverables
    1. International Banking
    2. International Trade Finance
    3. Introduction to Credit
    4. Retail Credit
    5. Business Credit

    Content Development (study text) including the Learning Outcomes and Learning Objectives for each chapter of the syllabus (the syllabus will be provided by AICB).

    b) Address and respond to the content based on the inputs by Industry Curriculum Committee (ICC) or other external reviewers during the content review.

    c) Provide AICB, at the tenderers’ own cost, the samples of the study text, and related illustrations, drawings, charts, indexes and other materials to be included in the study text.

    d) When developing the study texts, tenderers are expected to adhere to the scope of work listed in the table below:

    Scope of Work
    1. Produce study texts that meet AICB’s and industry’s requirements which are current and fit-for-purpose
    2. Produce study texts that adhere to the Quality and Standards of text development of AICB
    3. Create and develop main texts for each identified syllabus within the stipulated timeframe
    4. Revise all written materials in adherence to AICB’s point rated criteria for study text
    5. Propose to AICB new content(s) based on current industry development that could be incorporated into the syllabus
    6. Able to act as the point of reference on matters pertaining to the module contents with various stakeholders – AICB, Asian Banking School (ABS) and trainers, as and when required
    7. Able to produce and provide addendum and/or errata to the contents of the module specification, as and when required

The RFP document will be issued via e-mail to the interested party after submission of the Undertaking of Confidentiality and Ownership of Intellectual Property Rights and Declaration Form.

Kindly email the completed forms and indicate the modules you would like to develop to: by 28 February 2019, Friday.

Interested tenderer(s) shall return the duly completed “Undertaking of Confidentiality and Ownership of Intellectual Property Rights and Declaration Form” and email them to by 28 February 2019, Friday.

Interested tenderers to this project are also welcomed to attend a pre-briefing session that will be held at AICB on on a date to be advised later. This session provides an opportunity for all interested tenderers to acquire more information about the project and AICB’s expectations of the proposal(s).

The schedule for the pre-briefing session is as follows:

No Syllabus Time Venue
1 Introduction to Credit 9.30 am to 10.30 am Training Room 1, AICB
2 Retail Credit 10.30 am to 11.30 am Training Room 1, AICB
3 Business Credit 11.30 am to 12.30 pm Training Room 1, AICB
4 International Trade Finance 2.00 pm to 3.00 pm Training Room 1, AICB
5 International Banking 3.00 pm to 4.00 pm Training Room 1, AICB

AICB looks forward to collaborating with you in this venture.

Thank you.