Greetings from the Asian Institute of Chartered Bankers (AICB). We are pleased to announce that we have made some changes to the Qualification Enrolment and Examination Schedule for 2020 following feedback from the industry. The key changes are:

a. Examination sittings: There will be three (3) examination sittings in a year – April, July/August and November/December.

b. Frequency of examination sittings: The frequency of examination sittings for the qualifications below has been increased from two (2) to three (3) times a year:

  • Executive Banker (CB Level 1)
  • Retail Credit Professional (PCC Level 2)
  • Business Credit Professional (PCC Level 2)
  • Bank Risk Management
  • Certification for Bank Auditors
  • CVA for Certification in AML/CFT
  • CVA for Certification in Regulatory Compliance
  • CVA for Certification for Bank Auditors
  • CVA for Certification in Bank Risk Management
  • CVA for Advanced Certification in AML/CFT
  • CVA for Advanced Certification in Regulatory Compliance

Please click here to view the full range of examination sittings for all qualifications available. The examination activity schedules for all qualifications have been updated on the AICB website.

c. Updated PCC: To cater to industry needs for more qualified credit specialists, AICB is pleased to announce the updated Professional Credit Certification (PCC). Please click here for more details.

d. Availability of CVA programme: The Competency Validation Assessment (CVA) programme will no longer be offered for the programmes listed below:

  • CVA Certified Credit Executive (Foundation Level)
  • CVA Business Credit Professional (Intermediate Level)
  • CVA Retail Credit Professional (Intermediate Level)

The final examination sittings for CVA programmes will be held in February 2020. Please click here for the examination sittings for CVA in 2020.

e. Additional examination sitting for the ceased modules: In reference to the announcement dated 25 September 2019 and following feedback from the stakeholders, AICB is pleased to offer an additional examination sitting for the ceased modules below:

Professional Banker Final Exam Sitting
International Banking and Offshore Practice July 2020
Customer Relationship Management July 2020
Chartered Banker Final Exam Sitting
Applied Business and Corporate Banking November 2020
Retail Banking November 2020
Banking for High Net Worth Individuals November 2020

Should you have any enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact Member Services at 1300-88-6833 / 03-2095 6833 ext. 126 / 150 / 198 or email enquiries@aicb.org.my