Direct Entry for Professional Banker (PB) via Work Experience Route

With effect from 1 May 2017, experienced banking practitioners who do not have a degree qualification but who meet the criteria in the table below can be considered for direct entry to the Professional Banker level.

Membership Requirement – Candidates are required to be Individual Members of AICB
Qualification Entry Requirement Pathway
Professional Banker
  • At least 15 years in core banking areas (NOT in support or corporate functions) (info is available in AICB website). The review of experience will take into account the breadth and depth of experience; AND
  • In a managerial position/role in the recent 5 years.

A letter of support/recommendation from the employer, signed off by senior management, is required that confirms the above. (sample attached)

Complete 3 PB modules of which Business Lending module or Retail Lending module is compulsory (Complete 1 Compulsory + 2 Electives or 2 Compulsory + 1 Elective).

Click here to view the syllabus.

For more details, please visit our AICB Website @ or contact our Customer Service @ 03-2095 6833 (Ext 136/187) should you require clarification on the above.