Deployment of the Integrated Membership and Qualification System (IMQS)

In an effort to improve member experience and operational efficiency, AICB has undertaken the initiative to deploy an Integrated Membership and Qualification System (IMQS) effective 1 January 2020.

The IMQS addresses stakeholders’ needs comprehensively where:

  • Members and Students will be able to experience accessibility with single sign-on to services and information, including registration for mandatory workshops such as PKMC, IPPC and ICA;
  • Learning and Development (L&D) Administrators of banks will be able to efficiently administer their staff applications for qualifications, membership, workshops and assessments, including payments; and
  • Affiliates and Awarding Partners will be able to access students’ and membership information anytime via the self-service access.

AICB hopes to serve our individual and corporate members with better services and reporting, as well as enriched user experience with the IMQS.

We wish to inform the industry of key activities and dates of the system deployment in December 2019:

No Key Activities Date(s)
1 Blackout period – no access to the system 21 December – 31 December 2019
2 Closing date for members to update personal details on the current system 10 December 2019
3 Closing date for applications for all AICB qualifications* 16 December 2019
4 Closing date for applications for bank sponsorships 16 December 2019
5 Closing date for approval of members’ sponsorship requests** 20 December 2019

*   Please refer to the Qualification Enrolment and Examination Schedule at
** All pending approvals will be rejected and members will have to re-apply for sponsorship in the new system

We will endeavour to provide updates on the above activities from time to time.

Should you have any queries on any of the highlighted matters, please do not hesitate to contact us via email at and we will be able to assist you further.

Thank you. 

IMQS Project Team