Self-Evaluation Questionnaire for potential Chartered Banker by Experience Candidates

The Chartered Banker By Experience (CBBE) programme is not about the candidate learning new technical knowledge. It is about candidates demonstrating what they have learned through past experience. However, candidates participating in the programme will benefit from developing reflective and evaluative skills in relation to their experiences.

To be successful in this programme, candidates are required to have substantial relevant business experience and the recommended minimum period is at least 10 years. It is expected that candidates will have substantial experience in at least one key area of banking, with relevant experience at a manager or senior manager level for at least 5 years.

This checklist allows candidates to review their experience and make an honest assessment of their own experiences before embarking on the programme. It is expected that candidates should be able to answer YES to all of these questions before considering embarking on the programme. It is important that candidates can provide examples of their experiences for assessment purposes and clearly demonstrate their personal contribution and commitment to those experiences.

Banking & Risk Management Y/N
  • Private Banking, Wealth Management & Financial Planning
  • Payments
  • Credit
  • Risk
  • International
  • Banking Operations
  • Technology

Are you able to articulate how risk can be successfully identified, managed and mitigated in at least one of these key areas listed above?

In your experience have you responded to, and where appropriate, led strategic and operational change?  
Can you demonstrate where you have translated and applied strategic vision into operational plans and business actions?  
Have you communicated objectives, goals and key performance measures?  
Do you have experience in applying appropriate risk and financial controls?  
Can you demonstrate a prudent and professional approach to risk, particularly credit and operational risk?  
Have you developed and sustained an appropriate risk culture within an organisation/team?  
Have you applied and enhanced effective risk and performance management tools, systems and frameworks?  
Have you implemented changes to risk processes and procedures where necessary?  
Can you demonstrate a personal commitment to customer-focused, ethical professionalism?  
Can you demonstrate a personal commitment to the social purpose of banking?  


The Development & Future of Banking Y/N
Have you maintained professional competence through continuing to learn about, adapting to, and applying new technology?  
Can you demonstrate a personal commitment to leading a customer-focused, ethically professional culture?  
Have you considered the benefits and risks of new technology?  
Can you demonstrate how technology can be successfully applied to benefit customers and banks?  
Can you apply different operational and/or service delivery models?  
Can you demonstrate awareness of a wide range of strategic drivers shaping the evolution of banks?  
Do you understand changing customer/client/societal demands?  
Can you articulate how banking has changed throughout your career, particularly by impacts from developments in innovation and technology?  
Can you articulate the evolution and implementation of bank strategies, considering key strategic drivers shaping change in banking (not just the impact of technology)?  


Leadership Y/N
Can you demonstrate your personal commitment to customer-focused, ethical professionalism?  
Can you demonstrate how you are a role-model for ethical professionalism for colleagues and customers?  
Have you demonstrated self-awareness and applied situational leadership when required?  
Have you led with customer focused, ethical professionalism?  
Can you demonstrate ethical thinking, reasoning and decision-making?  
Have you developed organisational/team values and culture?  
Have you led, managed and coached individuals and teams for high performance?  
Have you championed the benefits of diversity and inclusiveness?  
Have you demonstrated flexibility in times of adversity?  

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