Greetings from the Asian Institute of Chartered Bankers (AICB).

We are pleased to share the 2018 Examination Activity Schedule for all qualifications.

Below are some key changes to the schedules :

  • Changes in examination sittings and months are as follows :
    1. Examinations with 2 sittings/year : March & September (with the exception to AML/CFT and RC qualifications)
    2. Examinations with 3 sittings/year : March, July & November
    3. Examinations with 4 sittings : March, June, September & December

This change was made to ensure consistent gaps between exam months.

  • Frequency for Executive Banker (CB Level 1) reduced to 2 times/year; Professional Banker (CB Level 2) and Chartered Banker (CB Level 3) increased to 3 times/year;
  • Chartered Banker (CB Level 3) examinations originally scheduled in May 2018 has been brought forward to March 2018 due to the increase in the frequency from 2 times to 3 times per year. A separate communication has been sent to the candidates who have registered for May 2018 to change their exams to either March 2018 or June/July 2018. The rationale for this change is to cater to the increase in the number of candidates sitting for the CB Level 3 exams and to ensure shorter waiting time between exams;
  • Workshop Dates at Asian Banking School (ABS) and information on Exam Centres have been incorporated (Refer to the 2018 Exam Activity Schedule)
  • Below are the number of sittings and the respective examination months for each qualification
Qualification Number of Sittings
(Times / Year)
Exam Months
CCE (PCC Level 1) 3 Mar, Jul & Nov
BCP (PCC Level 2) 2 Mar & Sep
RCP (PCC Level 2) 2 Mar & Sep
EB (CB Level 1) 2 Mar & Sep
PB (CB Level 2) 3 Mar, Jul & Nov
CB (CB Level 3) 3 Mar, Jul & Nov/Dec
PKMC 3 Mar, Jul & Nov
IPPC 4 Mar, Jun, Sep & Dec
BRM 2 Mar & Sep
Cert. in AML/CFT 2 Jun & Nov
Adv. Cert. in AML/CFT 2 Oct 2018 & Apr 2019
Cert. in RC 2 Jun & Nov
Adv. Cert. in RC 2 Oct 2018 & Apr 2019

Note that the schedules for Certified Professional in AML/CFT and the new CIAFIN qualifications will be released in due course.

For further enquiries, contact us at enquiries@aicb.org.my, or call 03-2095 6833 ext 187 (Esho) or 124 (Kamarudin).