Certified Professional in Financial Crime Compliance (CPFCC): Update on Assessment Structure

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Certified Professional in Financial Crime Compliance (CPFCC): Update on Assessment Structure

28 Oct 2021

Kindly note the following updates to the assessment structure of the Certified Professional in Financial Crime Compliance (CPFCC) qualification, effective from the February 2022 intake.




Workshop / Masterclass

Candidates are required to attend 8 Masterclasses.

Written Assessment:

1 reflective journal comprising Masterclass evaluations (New)

Candidates are required to submit 1 reflective journal of 8,000 words evaluating the 8 Masterclasses (1,000 words per Masterclass).

The reflective journal should depict the candidates’ learning journey and provide evidence of how the learnings have been applied to their respective roles and organisations.

Each evaluation must include a short summary of the learning points from each Masterclass that the candidate considers to be the most significant for his/her role. This may be in the form of a bulleted list, but a solid rationale must be provided for each learning point selected. Candidates must also demonstrate further reading and research, and identify actions that were / will be taken to apply what was learnt.

For no more than 4 of these evaluations, it is sufficient that the candidates demonstrate only an understanding of the key learning points outlined in the Masterclass.

However, at least 4 of the evaluations must demonstrate how the key learning informs practice — candidates must provide a real (or theoretical) example of how the key learning points identified were / can be applied to improve the management of FCC in an organisation.


Candidates are required to undergo a 3-hour competency-based oral interview, which will be scheduled upon successful completion of the 8 Masterclasses. The interview will assess Leadership, Judgment, Strategic Thinking, Problem Solving and Technical Knowledge within the strategic management of FCC roles.

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Thank you for your kind attention.